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It was a frustrating night at the emirates stadium for any Liverpool fan to watch as Liverpool played like the deserving champions they are for the first 30 minutes as Arsenal where chasing shadows and very rarely getting a touch of the ball . Sadio Mane worked tirelessly and was rewarded with a fine goal . At this point in the match my prediction of a 2/1 win for Liverpool looked good , but then a rare under hit back pass from van dyke of all people was pounced upon for a we’ll finished equaliser. Liverpool resumed their possession of the ball and pushed forward at every opportunity , with Arsenal pressing more and Liverpool continuing to play the ball across the back when coming forward there was always a chance another mistake could happen and it did . Alison Becker should have hoofed the ball forward for a change, instead he opted to play the ball out from the back and this was easily read by Arsenal who pounced on Becker’s mistake to make it 2/1 just before the break . Liverpool laboured hard after the break but Arsenals defence held up , The introductions of Origi , Shakiri and Kieta did little to improve Liverpool’s attacks going forward and the game fizzled out with Liverpool having the possession but never really testing Arsenals keeper again .
Next up it’s Chelsea at home and they have everything to play for with Leicester and Man Utd winning Thursday Chelsea will not want to concede a champions league qualifying place With only a couple of games remaining .

Liverpool v Arsenal

After an entertaining game at Anfield against Burnley where an exceptional performance by the Burnley keeper Pope kept the score respectable for the visitors , and at times gave the Liverpool defence some timely reminders of how good they are collectively as a team.

The first half was all one way traffic as Liverpool dominated the possession and had almost total control with the sublime Fabinho orchestrating the attacks from midfield , Jones was another who stood out and played with the confidence of someone well above his 19 years and I can only see this lad going from strength to strength given a run in the first team , if I have any criticism about any of the performances of the day I could be accused of nit picking but although Mo Salah can frustrate sometimes when he does the hard work and then fails to deliver a simple pass to an unmarked player to tap into an empty net by going for glory, these are the things you can do when your 2 or 3 up.

Anyway onwards we go with a visit to Arsenal and Bet 365 where offering almost 2/1 for a Liverpool victory on Wednesday which I think is than more than fair as Liverpool do have a tendency to up there game against the bigger opposition I’m going to stick my neck on the line and predict a 2-1 Liverpool win . For the latest Liverpool betting be sure too check daily for the best Liverpool odds and up to date news

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